Wisconsin’s Mecca: Lambeau Field

lambeau field
Lambeau Field - The Home of the Green Bay Packers

I wouldn’t call myself a devout fan of professional sports, even though I was a fair-weather fan of both the Boston Redsox and the New England Patriots for a few years.  I would say that this day’s event would have occurred even if I was in New York City and could get a tour of Yankee Stadium.

One of the things I wanted to do during my vacation was visit and tour Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers.  There were two tours to choose from: The standard one-hour tour, which essentially takes you out to the field, takes you around the stadium, and through some of the offices.  Then, there’s the Legendary Tour which takes you through all of the administrative offices, onto the field, through the tunnel, and gives you access to the executive suites.

I’d left the hotel around 11AM with a two-hour commute up I-43.

Upon arrival, I learned that there were multiple ways to get in, but the main gates were the most effective.  When you enter through the main doors, you are greeted by a massive atrium, decorated as any stadium would be.  I headed over to tours and purchased my ticket.  I ended up with a ticket for the tour, a ticket for the Hall of Fame, an interactive card for Curly’s Pub, and a seat cushion with the “G” on the front.

While waiting, I decided to grab lunch at Curly’s.  In doing so, I had a chat with a gentleman who gave me some recommendations on some local places to visit – another example of people in the midwest just striking up random conversation.  The bartender learning that I was not from Wisconsin, tried to lure me in with cheese curds, a Wisconsin delicacy.  When I declined, he tried to sweeten the deal by making them complimentary, but I wouldn’t budge.

The tour was phenomenal and was made possible by a passionate tour guide who threw some humor into the mix, and shared a great back story, including sharing the story of how the Chicago Bears’ founder saved the Packers from demise.  The tour wasn’t called ‘Legendary’ for nothing.  Our tour guide covered just about every square foot of the stadium, including back offices, broadcast booths, VIP seating, and special rooms reserved for season ticket holders.  In the course of this tour, I saw some parts of Lambeau that I will likely never see again.  It was there I also learned that unlike other sports teams, the Packers are the only team whose fanbase are the owners, and that the only way to acquire season passes is to inherit them, or marry into a Packer family.  As of 2016, there were more than 66,000 people on the waiting list.

Many of us had our pictures taken, standing on the outer part of the field.

After the tour, I checked out the Hall of Fame:  A devoted Green Bay Packer fan could spend hours in there learning all there is to know about the team and what it has accomplished.  Considering that I was only really interested out of curiosity, I took numerous pictures and a few videos, but didn’t stay much longer than thirty minutes.

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