I temporarily relocated to Milwaukee to pursue a second bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Starting with my first days in Milwaukee, I try my best to document other experiences.

Some experiences may be related to my time at UWM, other experiences may just be related to Wisconsin.

Home of Record Change: MA to WI

08/05/2016 36

Home of Record changes are usually straight forward: You convert your current state documentation to the new state, followed by a change in address with the USPS. It’s never that easy with me. Read More

Fifteen weeks in a kitchen

12/18/2015 35

You might be asking yourself why I would make this post. It all started with this post: The interview was fairly standard and asked me the usual questions:  Why do you want to work here? Read More

The four month mark

11/01/2015 31

Today marks me living in Wisconsin for four months.  With some of the activity I have involved myself with, you’d think I’ve been living here much longer. In the last four months, my accomplishments have Read More

Coming to Wisconsin – Day 2

10/19/2015 0

If you’ve made your way here, but haven’t read the first story in the series, check here. I mentioned in the first story that I have some neurotic tendencies.  My poor friend had to endure Read More

Coming to Wisconsin – Day 1

07/04/2015 2

It’s interesting that I chose to make this post on Independence Day 2015 given that I just completed a chaotic and liberating move from Massachusetts to Wisconsin in the last 72 hours.  I actually feel Read More