Vehicle inspection and emissions laws

States that have enacted an annual safety inspection program require vehicles to undergo a multi-point safety inspection that includes safety checks and verifying the functionality of critical components.  Among the components checked are the horn, head and tail lights, plate light, windshield wipers, backup lights, and verifying that window tinting is compliant with state law.

States that have enacted emissions testing programs require consumers to have their exhaust emissions tested to ensure compliance with standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

This site’s map only focuses on consumer automobiles.  The map below reflects the programs that are in place, but doesn’t take specific conditions into account.

Green:  States with an annual inspection program only.

Black:  States with an emissions testing requirement only.

Red:  States with both an emissions and annual inspection program.

Greyed out:  States with neither an annual inspection, nor an emissions testing requirement.

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